Our Range of Curved Stairlifts

Our Range of Curved Stairlifts

Our team of professional, experienced stairlift installers all agree – the best choice for a stairlift on a curved staircase is the award-winning Flow2 from Access BDD, a leading supplier of home lift solutions in Europe.

What makes the Flow2 great from our point of view is that it is quick, easy and neat to install, being fitted onto the staircase itself and not having to be attached to the wall. It’s very adaptable, with automatic swivel and levelling technology that allows it to operate on staircases of all sorts as narrow as 610mm and as steep as 70°.

We can configure the chair rail to fit any staircase, allowing for the optimal use of space for parking the chair. The flexible Flow2 can be installed on a long staircase or across multiple floors, up to a rail length of 34m, across curves and bends.

From your point of view the Flow2 stairlift for curved staircases offers numerous advantages over less efficient alternatives:

The best thing about the Flow2 is that it incorporates ASL (Advanced Swivel and Levelling) technology which means the lift rotates and stays perfectly level while moving, keeping you constantly in the most safe and comfortable position while you travel, with no stops and starts required for positioning. The chair swivels slowly as it travels, ending up in the correct position at the top or bottom of the staircase to allow you to mount and dismount easily and safely.

Our customers love the Flow2 stairlift because it is extremely comfortable, with an ergonomically designed seat, and it comes in a range of finishes and colour options so you can match it to the décor in your home.

The Flow2 is very discreet. When you’re not using it takes up only 340mm of the landing, neatly folded away so it doesn’t impede others using the staircase. The rail, too, is low profile (it can be kept as low as 62mm on most staircases) closely following the line of the stairs and not getting in the way of other users.

·When it comes to safety you can have every confidence in the Flow2. The seat height can be adjusted for ease of entry and exit, and while you travel there is a seat belt and optional wrap-around armrests to keep you secure. If the stairlift encounters any obstacle while on its way up or down, it will stop, and if there’s a power cut you can still use the Flow2 because it runs on a battery.

The Flow2 is extremely easy to operate with a simple joystick control incorporated into the armrest.

If you would like to learn more about this superior stairlift, perfect for properties with curved or awkward steep, narrow staircases which you find hard to navigate, contact Simply Stairlifts on 01666 822060, email info@simplystairlifts.co.uk , or fill out the website request form to arrange for a no-obligation consultation.